Gentle Hikes of Minnesota's North Shore

Gentle Hikes of MN's North Shore

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Embark on the ultimate Minnesota North Shore hiking experience with "Gentle Hikes of Minnesota’s North Shore." Authored by Ladona Tornabene, Lisa Vogelsang, and Melanie Morgan, this guide is your key to discovering the region's breathtaking beauty without the need for extensive gear or overnight camping. Featuring over 45 short hikes under 3 miles, this revised and updated guidebook ensures that every outing is tailored to your preferences and time constraints.

Each trail entry is a visual delight, accompanied by full-color photos and informative details, including total length, surface type, resting areas, and trail highlights. Additionally, the book provides insights into 15 scenic walks under a mile, 18 waysides and scenic locales, and 11 picnic sites. Whether you're traveling with small children, seniors, or individuals with physical challenges, the guide ensures an inclusive outdoor adventure for all. Plan your next family outing with confidence, exploring the wonders of Minnesota's North Shore through these gentle, yet spectacular, hikes.